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A Family Story pairs classically trained actors with best-selling children's books. Children's imaginations will soar to new heights as they watch their favorite characters come to life.


From Mary Poppins to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the interaction of live actors with animated characters and environments has captured the imagination of audiences young and old.

Our animation team expertly brings to life the characters from the most beloved children's stories of all time. Characters that are playful and fun, that interact with the reader, the story, and the viewer.


meet the TEAM



Joel N Clark is the director of A Family Story Films. Joel has written and directed multiple award-winning films, short films, sitcoms, commercials, adventure series, and feature documentaries.


Joel has also written fiction and nonfiction books that have been published widely. The quality of Joel's work can be seen in the stories he's chosen to tell. He lives with his wife of fifteen years, Megan, their daughter Juno, and their son Elah, in Washington DC.

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Mark Yucha is a seasoned finance and accounting professional who began his career with KPMG and then moved on to management roles at various organizations ranging in size from startups to Fortune 500 companies.  Prior to joining A Family Story he most recently served as the CFO of a national online publisher based in Washington DC.


Mark is currently enjoying a stint in Cape Town, South Africa with his wife and two children.



Esther Fedorkevich is the founder of The Fedd Agency, a literary and entertainment agency. Among her clients are Mark Batterson, Tim Tebow, George Barna, Erwin McManus, Jentezen Franklin, and Eva Shockey. After representing fifty-six New York Times bestselling authors and having represented more than a thousand books, Esther knows that publishing is changing. That’s why she has established The Fedd Agency’s unique, 360-degree model, that comprehensively manages the needs of her clients—from traditional publishing to in-house book production, to building personal platforms, to negotiating for film, television, and other derivative products.


Esther lives in Austin, TX with her husband, Jimmy, and their two kids, Alexi and Paul. 

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Mark Batterson serves as lead pastor of National Community Church in Washington, DC. One church with multiple locations. NCC is focused on reaching emerging generations and meets in theaters throughout the DC metro area. NCC also owns and operates the largest coffeehouse on Capitol Hill. Mark holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Regent University and is the New York Times bestselling author of 19 books...

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Jason is a writer, producer, and lead communicator of A Family Story nonprofit. He has written 6 books including, Prone to Love, and Untamed. Jason has written and produced films that span from commercials and documentaries to TV and feature films.

Jason and his wife, Karen, live in North Carolina with their three children Madeleine True, Ethan Wilde, and Eva Blaze.

SERIES trailer & opportunity

Each Family Story Videobook is a full-scale film production complete with set design, an original script, score, sound design, props, prosthetics, and animation.


This is far more than a simple reading. Each Videobook takes the best-selling and most endearing stories of our time and delivers them in a new medium to an even broader audience.


The Emmy-nominated, children’s literacy program Storyline Online gets an astonishing 10 million views a month. Their online and mobile app offering consists of 50 titles and is available worldwide at no cost. This comprehensive experience is endorsed by the American Federation of Teachers and is a trusted source of TV entertainment for parents of young readers.  A Family Story will easily appeal to the Storyline Online audience- while taking the concept to an infinitely higher level.

dream big WITH
A Family STORY

partner with a family story

Interested in partnering with us?

We are looking for partners at every level. Whether you are interested in investing in season one of the A Family Story series or a broader partnership with A Family Story Films at the company level, we’d love to hear from you! You can contact us at

unreal engine 5

The technology used to create the sci-fi planetary landscapes in The Mandalorian, and the motion capture used to bring Thanos and The Hulk to life in the Avengers is accessible to projects like ours through Unreal Engine 5 virtual production.

Unreal Engine is a real-time rendering engine that offers a host of tools to enhance and speed up video production. We plan to use it primarily to generate environments on set that would track and respond to camera movement and provide realistic lighting to our actors. 

We will use this technology to seamlessly blend practical set-pieces with animated fantastical backgrounds in-camera, creating a more realistic reaction from our actors and a shorter post-production workflow. We can also capture actors in motion capture suits, speeding up animation workflows: even if Giraffes Can’t Dance, we certainly will be able to as we use professional dancers to teach them!

educational value

Countless studies have been carried out which point to the positive impact of reading aloud to children. Scientists can watch a child for a short period and quickly assess whether or not a child has been read to consistently or not. Reading aloud impacts their imaginations and even how their brains are wired. Numerous studies point to fast-paced TV and inconsistent reading time as a large reason for this generation's explosion of A.D.D.

A Family Story is offering a product that is highly educational and interactive. Often the idea of starting a new book can be daunting to children. But the more they experience reading through our format, the more they will be drawn into reading on their own.

Mike 2.jpeg

Season 1 - Proposed films

We have purposefully picked five public domain stories and five best-selling children's books for season one. We are still finalizing our list but as of now, this is what it looks like. To give you an example of where this series is headed, think about the Three Little Pigs. Not the world's best story to say the least. Yet what child doesn't know it off by heart? When we say we are going to create a Videobook of the Three Little Pigs, we don't mean we will create the story you know. What we create will be SO MUCH FUN! To see an example of where this series will take the most beloved stories of all time, check out the screenplay for "Pigs," HERE! It just so happens we already have a scratch recording of Pigs original song. Check that out BELOW!

Don't blow the house down


Each public domain story we tell will allow us to also create an original book to be published along with the series. Along with the book, we will also have the option to create interactive games and other merchandise.


We also plan to create booklets for teachers and parents to use to help teach kids to follow along and learn to read.

A Family Story is an interactive reading series that helps kids learn from stories, get along with others, and develop kindness and values.

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