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Conceive your idea, and together we will help you refine and unveil it to the world. Whether for film, television, or a web series, we’ll collaborate on its development until it is prepared for the marketplace.

Should your first draft script require revision, we’ll guide you through the necessary iterations. We restrict our editing services to non-fiction manuscripts, autobiographies, and memoirs. If your non-fiction project is in its nascent stage, we’ll assist in crafting an initial chapter and outlining subsequent chapters for professional submission. On occasion, we have also offered ghostwriting services, customized to each unique project. If you possess a story or message you passionately believe in but lack the confidence to pen it yourself, we have a team of writers who may align with your vision.

We approach writing the same way we approach filmmaking. We innovate in all things. Just because something has always worked one way doesn't mean it is the only way to do it. Joel N Clark wrote a book you can watch. With Awake you don't need to wait for the movie!

Innovate! Innovate! Innovate!

We have access to a large number of published authors. Below are a few books from some of our core team members


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