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A Family Story Films is an adventure-loving production company. While we are most known for our feature documentaries, our capabilities extend to all types of storytelling, be it feature film and tv, script development and production, corporate video, live event, animation and much more. Combining innovative storytelling, leading-edge technology and a passion for revealing life's amazing journeys, A Family Story Films is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to share great ideas with the world.

A Family Story Films combines production management expertise, experienced and creative personnel as well as state-of-the-art facilities to guarantee our clients’ audiovisual product is the best it can be – whether it be the written word, documentary, or narrative content for broadcast or new media. Our staff has the experience and tools to meet the highest international standards for every delivery. Our studios are located in Washington DC and Charlotte NC.


Corporate and commercial video production is an important marketing tool for every company. But in this era of information overload, cutting through noise and clutter is an everyday challenge. Our goal is to show the heart and soul of truly innovative brands.

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changing the world through  STORy telling

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