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Celebrated cinematic craftsmanship

A Family Story Films emerges as a haven for intrepid adventurers in the realm of artistic expression. Though our acclaim primarily stems from our riveting feature documentaries, we pride ourselves on our versatility in weaving compelling narratives across a diverse array of mediums—spanning feature films and television, script development and production, corporate video, live event coverage, animation, and beyond. Fueled by our unwavering passion for unearthing life's awe-inspiring odysseys, we harness the power of innovative storytelling and cutting-edge technology to present A Family Story Films as the consummate partner for those seeking to captivate the world with their extraordinary ideas.


At the heart of our creative sanctuary lies a synthesis of production management prowess, the boundless ingenuity of our seasoned professionals, and our state-of-the-art facilities, all dedicated to ensuring that our clients' audiovisual endeavors achieve their utmost potential. Be it in the realm of the written word, documentary, or narrative content tailored for broadcast or new media, our proficient team possesses the expertise and resources required to surpass the most exacting international standards for every project we undertake. Nestled in the bustling cities of Washington DC and Charlotte NC, our studios stand ready to bring your stories to life.


In an age where information saturation is the norm, corporate and commercial video production serves as an indispensable marketing tool for any company. Amidst the ceaseless clamor, our mission is to unveil the essence and spirit of genuinely trailblazing brands.

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Emerging interactive and motion picture technologies have revolutionized music, imbuing it with unparalleled enchantment. Contemporary music video production transcends the mere audiovisual snippets of yesteryear, ushering in a captivating realm of immersive storytelling, ingenious tools, and enthralling performances.

WINNER Best Open Category Film - 168 Fil

changing the world through  STORy telling

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